A complete guide to liposuction

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Nowadays the most widely used procedure for fat reduction from the body is the lipo laser procedure. Most of the professionals make use of this procedure for their body fat reduction.


Lipo laser machines have existed for three generations, each previous inspiring the next one. The initial generation utilized frequency of at least 670 NM. Although this was not so strong but resulted in fat reduction.

The machines used fewer wavelengths in the second generation which increased its strength. The wavelengths used in this generation were more than 650 NM which was powerful wavelength.

The third generation or the most recent generation utilizes approximately 635 NM which penetrates effectively deep into the adipose tissue.

How it works

The strength of the machines comes from the wavelength which is produced by the diodes. Brightness just indicates the number of diodes place in the pedals. It has nothing to do with the brightness. Wavelength is the factor to be carefully focused at the end of the day. A higher frequency and low wavelength is effective. In fact high wavelength and low frequency is not effective instead it is weak.

It is very crucial to know how much power is used by the laser machines. The number depends on the machine which uses 6 watts while other devices use more than 46 watts. Majority of the older machines used higher watts, so they were less productive. More wattage does not mean it will be faster. The amount of the energy expended by the machine is the sum of energy absorbed by each diode.

Strawberry Lasers

Varieties of diodes are utilized for the lipo laser machines. Diode acts as an important element of the lipo machine because of the ability to release light that will enter the user’s skin in precision.

Today lipo laser machines are competing against outdated lipos. The capabilities of today’s machines have earned respect over the old fashioned versions of lipo laser machines. Strength, colour and size contribute to the overall positive look of the machines. Hence more businesses are making use of these machines.

The most important advantage of this machine is, it can be used up to 3000 hours.

Diodes are in control of radiations. It is very important to know that is part of the machine should use identical diodes. As a result the machines can work on specific areas evenly. Each paddle should have enough diodes. For the machine to penetrate evenly on the targeted area, carefully surround the diodes for complete emanation of the laser.