The grounds of the immigration law are mainly based upon two concepts: which are right of the blood and right of the soil. These main two concepts are the accepted means of determining the citizenship of the person over internationally. Just simply put the birthright of the person that can be determined by where they really born or where the ancestors were born in that. These two main concepts are often intermingled while the nation is attempting in order to validate the right person for the citizenship in the home country and that of foreign one. And when these two main concepts are cut and dried, the great act of legalizing some as the citizen of foreign country, that too US has become very controversial matter.

The main question stands on what the basis should immigrant be fully legalized like the US citizens? In fact this country has high amount of illegal immigrants also, leading to the great demand for the stricter immigrant laws and the closer adherence to some existing one. This main subject will be splited down the middle also, with the recent arguments mainly focusing on the benefits to economy which some illegal migrant workers may also give. The farming community especially makes use of this form of migrant workers, with some lower wages, hard workers, without paying ant tax of who will do the mental jobs which originally US workers do not want to use it. In some of the ways through this is unethical in terms of the worker right the employees reap all type of advantages while you have to do little for the workers.

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