Three most important tips to keep your nails healthy and clean

Regardless if you are someone who religiously colors your nails as part of your self-care or hygiene or you are someone who frequently picks or bite your cuticles, every one of us always yearns for a healthy and perfectly trimmed and manicured nails.

Every one of us is talking about nail-care experts in finding out what exactly the right way you should be doing for your nails, however, you have to check first if your nails are completely healthy.

Here are some of the things that you have to look for in finding out if your nails are healthy. Commonly, healthy nails have pinkish to white nail plates while the cuticles are intact. It has white tips and has even lengths. It usually has a prominent half-moon-shaped white-colored section which is called the Lunula at its nail base.

The signs of unhealthy nails have to peel or splitting nails which could be manifesting signs of dryness or the result of vitamin deficiency. The small white spots that are commonly seen are usually the results of biting your nails or painting them more often. The horizontal grooves of your nails could be a result of stress, also from stress and also jamming your fingers. Red swollen skin around your nails is a sign that you harshly removed the cuticles or injured your nails accidentally. The spoon-shaped nails can also be a sign of deficiency in iron or you are suffering from anemia.

Now that you are well-aware of the signs of healthy and unhealthy nails, you should also be well-aware and have to learn the proper ways to keep it clean and healthy by following these steps.

  1. Always keep your hands very clean– It may be a general practice for everyone to keep their hands clean all the time, however, before you are doing anything with your hands, it is very important that your nails and the skin that surround it should be thoroughly free from dirt. You have to remove all of the traces of the previous nail polish with a remover that is acetone-free to prevent your nails from drying out excessively. You should also use Gelesconstructores or gel nail polish because it is less harsh to your nails than other nail polishes. Always clean your hands with water and soap as well.
  2. Do not be harsh with your nails– You have to keep in mind that your nails are very delicate, and if you scrub them too roughly can put your nails at risk of infection. Also, another thing that you have to avoid is using metal tools underneath it because excessive digging to remove cuticles can cause your nail plate to unnecessarily separate from the skin which is called onycholysis. It is also a very common problem for people who are aged fifty and above.
  3. Always clip your nails regularly– If you regularly trim your nails regularly, you are helping it maintain its cleanliness, at the same time prevent it from getting injured knowing that longer nails are susceptible to injuries from stubbing and other ways that can cause injury. Trimming your nails could also prevent you from injuring people like scratching them especially if you play contact sports.