A Beginner’s Guide to Whiskey Night

Whiskey is an all-around term for distilled spirits. Now, are you familiar with the other classifications of such alcoholic beverage? The terms you are looking for are Scotch, Rye, and Bourbon. You may have heard of those terms before but not everyone knows it all came from the generic term of whiskey. If you plan to spice things up after work, you may want to visit few good bars offering such thing.

After giving all your effort at work, promotion sometimes surprises you by the end of the day. Hard working people with dedication to their work gets recognized in the team. But, what would you do after getting through such opportunity? Will you go home right away and sleep the night? Or, would you like to have few good shots at the bar with some friends? Sharing your success with others gives you a great feeling. Basically, that’s one reason why Dc whiskey bar mostly get occupied during the night.

Types of Whiskey Drinking Style

Before you storm into the bar, be sure you know what you are getting. Aside from the possibility of a hangover the following day, your main concern must be how to drink it for the night. One good consideration of choosing the whiskey to get into your taste buds is the factor of where it came from. Most countries have their own liking to spice up their nights. After you’ve chosen, it is now time to consider the types of drinking.

  1. Cocktail

Choosing this means you’ll be adding other beverage to the main ingredient. People who don’t want to get drunk after an hour would prefer this option. But, if you do so, make sure you’ve selected the right whiskey to get that notch effect after one sip.

  1. On the Rocks

Some people like it this way but others can’t imagine drinking the spirit with some ice. Well, there’s nothing wrong if you prefer an ice-cold whiskey going into your body. But, others are just too skeptical pertaining to its composition. It’s mainly because they don’t like the tap ice watering down their good shot.

  1. With Water

Now, this may sound like adding ice but it’s somehow different from the previous one. With water means the person will have a shot of the spirit first then adding a hint of water after. It allows the individual to feel the buzz from the first sip of the whiskey to hit the spot right. For beginners, a pinch of water won’t be enough. If necessary, add another sip of water just to take away the flavor for a moment.

  1. Neat

While other drinkers like it smooth, there are some individuals who want the real deal. They don’t bother getting hit by the strongest buzz for the night. All they are looking forward to is to taste the meaning of success with a bit of purity. How will you appreciate the flavor of something if you are not ready to take the full drink? If you’re courageous enough, this might be the only thing that suits you. If you got no other places to be after the third glass, make sure to get this straight into your body. Most neat drinkers do it by the comfort of their homes. By then, they will not worry about driving because they’re home safe already.