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Parallel market of used cars increasing in volume day by day in Mauritius!

The rise in global economy has pushed the development of many areas that were once remote and rural into fast urbanization. But the local transport system in most cases fails to keep pace with the same. As a result, people flocking in to these areas, mostly from already developed cities, find it extremely difficult to commute to work and with the family over weekends. The result is that they have to buy a car.

Parallel market of pre-owned cars

While there are people who can afford to buy a fresh new car, often with the help of bank loans, there are other sets of people too who do not want to invest so much at a new place. Among the second set of people, there are a few who cannot afford a brand new car. But the larger chunk in this segment belongs to the type of people who already have a family establishment at some other city, and who have come down only for a certain period of time of service. These people do not have long terms goals to stay on in Mauritius, and hence, they for quite obvious reasons do not want to invest behind new cars. For such professionals, there exists a substantial bulk of segment of used cars Mauritius.


What to look for in pre-owned cars

People going for pre-owned cars primarily do so for the sake of the lower price, but that is not the only criteria that they are satisfied with. In fact, they look for much more in the car that they go for, although the price factor remains the main criterion.

Among the other features are the age of the car, the mileage and the kilometres already run. Often, the type of fuel (petrol/diesel) also plays a role. The history of accidents is taken into consideration too in order to understand how strong and durable the car has been, indicating its behaviour during the future period of usage as well.

Last but not the least- the buyers go for two very important things. One is whether any financing is available for used cars Mauritius or not. This is a pretty underlining factor that decides the fate of a deal. The other thing that comes last but is obvious in the decision making process is the condition of the interior. How much comfortable the interiors are plays a vital role in making or breaking a deal on used cars.