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Tips to maintain your car for a smooth usage


You cannot feel that once you have bought your new car, your work is over. It is just the start of themaintenance work of your car. It does not matter if you have the required tools or not, but you need to maintain your car. You should keep your Used cars in fresno is the best condition possible at all times. There is certain maintenance work which you can check by yourself. If repairingis required, you need to take it to the repair shop. You can perform eh following car maintenance checks.

Checking the oil level

It is important to maintain the right level of oil in your car so that there isn’t any problem in the car. You can easily check the oil by yourself using a paper towel when the engine is warm. You needto drive for about 15 minutes. Then, turn off the car, open the hood and check the oil dipstick of the engine. You will have to pull out the dipstick and clean it using a clean paper towel and then insert in back. In order to check the oil level, remove the dipstick and read the level of oil.

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If you find that the oil level is low, then you need to buy the prescribed oil from the gasa station. After you add a little oil, check the oil level. Read the levelusing the dipstick. If the oil is not upto the required range, add more oil to it until it reaches the required range.

Inspection of Tires

If the tires of your car are worn out, inflated or damaged, then it would cease the ability of the car to stop immediately at any emergency situations. So, you needto inspect them and keep them in proper shape. To start with, you need to check the pressure of the tire. Tires which are underinflated so not provide good grips.

Tire pressure is likely to decrease in cold weathers. Hen, you need to look for tears, or rips in the tires. If thereis any sidewall damage to the tire, high speeding could cause it to blow out. Lastly, youneed to check the depths of the tire thread. If you find that the depts. Of the thread is less than 2/32”, thenyou need to change the tire immediately.


You can perform these maintenance work by yourself without requiring much help. If you find that any problem requires immediate treatment, you should not delay and take your car to the service center at once.