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Watch Movies From Your iPhone With the Movie25 App (Review)


The Movie25iPhone app is one of the top 100 in the Apple app store. The Movie25iPhone app, also available to iPad and iPod touch users, allows users to watch the same movies and TV shows directly from the iPhone. This instant transmission application for iPhone is free for users; however, a subscription to Movie25is ​​required to use its functions.

About the application

The application requires users to log in to their Movie25account before downloading and using it. A basic Movie25account costs $ 8per month, and the application will work on any device with iOS 3.13 or later. A basic account allows users to rent a DVD at a time, which is delivered to their home, and also allows them to watch as many movies and television shows as they want on their computer. However, in order to use the iPhone application, the subscriber must subscribe to the unlimited rate after the expiration of the trial period. Also, if users want to watch these movies and shows from other devices, they must also subscribe to an unlimited fee that costs more.


Play movies and videos

Video playback using the Movie25iPhone application is allowed in both the 3G service and the Wi-Fi network. However, those who do not have unlimited data plans must use Wi-Fi, otherwise they will have a great advantage in their account. However, when using a 3G network, keep in mind that video buffers are constantly compared with Wi-Fi, which reproduces smoothly; without cushioning or other setbacks. After starting the video, users have a slider to move forward, pause, rewind and stop the video.


In general, the simple fact that the iOS platform can finally transmit video is a feature that many users are happy with. The Movie25application not only opens the appetite for this new feature, but it does it better than others. movie25 hd iPhone application with an average rating of three and a half out of four stars is one of the most popular and for good reason.