Features That Make a silicone dab rigs worth Buying

Smoking tobacco is a common habit and according to studies both men and women love smoking. Instead of smoking tobacco, many people are opting for smoking herbs. There are some differences between smoking tobacco and smoking herbs. Certainly, not a single of them is a healthy thing. But, smoking herbs is relatively lesser harmful to your body. Now, the big question is how to smoke herbs? They are not available in traditional cigarette formats. You can simply opt for buying silicone bongs for nurturing your passion for smoking herbs. Now, before buying bongs you should know certain things about them. Here are the features that make bongs worth buying.

Creative Outlook

Bongs are not just smoking instrument, they should also be regarded as classic addition for interior decoration for home. Many people do not smoke, but they have excellent collection of bongs. Having such a collection makes your house interior classic as well as sophisticated. So, you should purchase bongs that come with creative or unique outlook. Touch of sophistication makes smoking with bongs even more relishing.

Choice of Materials

Different materials are used for buying bongs. Traditionally, you shall find glass made bongs are mostly available at the marketplace. Apart from glass, wooden and metallic based products can also be found. However, the best option is to opt for silicone dab rigs. Silicone made products have certain advantages of over the glass, wooden and metallic products. Silicone products give durability and they are not as fragile as glass made items. Wooden or metallic bongs do not give that exquisite look and feel. They are not sophisticated.

Easy to Clean

Bongs may have complicated designs, but they should not be difficult to clean. Cleaning them regularly is a common thing for the smokers as they want to keep the thing hygienic. So, when it comes to purchasing bongs, you should look for products that offer seamlessness in cleaning process.


Affordability is a relative thing. If smoking is the sole intension, you can go for low budget products. But, they should at least look classy. They must be durable as well. If budget is not a concern, you have plenty of high class products at the marketplace.