Five ways to choose movies cleverly

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If you are still undecided what to watch during Friday night with your pals or your loved ones, then it might be better than you have to choose the right film or movie which comes down to your personal preference, however, there are just some instances that you are swayed by the movie’s title, cast, and the trailer that turns out to be a terrible movie.

Watching movies that you believe is good and turns out bad is very common for a lot of people who loves watching movies does not have good criteria in selecting movies to watch, so here are some considerable tips in searching for the perfect movie for any moods you have.

  • If you are lonely or stressed, watch comedy movies- Be straightforward of what you feel. If you feel lonely then watch a comedy movie that will surely turn your mood from bad to good, after all, a tense movie can only make you more stressful and lonely, however, there is a real scientific reason for you to have a good laugh and put a smile on your face because laughing according to studies causes your blood vessels to dilate more than twenty percent to counteract the effects of stress hormones especially if you watch comedy movies.watch couchtuner
  • If you want to burn calories, watch horror movies- Because of the adrenaline pumping and raising heartbeat during the most intense and horrifying scenes and the jump scares of a scary movie, you spike your adrenaline which causes your body to burn more calories equivalent to hiking for more than thirty minutes. Also, watching horror movies can let you stay awake the entire night which is perfect if you do not have plans to sleep to run some errands.
  • Be random, it is both excited and fun- There are millions of movies out there and for sure, you have not watched even a third of it, and there are tons of movies that are underrated. So, if you are undecided what to watch, then you can randomly select movies yourself just by reading the synopsis of it regardless if it is at the back of its DVD cover of at the streaming site’s page.
  • If you want to learn something watch historical movies- Although there are some parts of historical movies that are not historically accurate, watching it can stir up interest in yourself to pick up history books and start reading after you watched it. Historical movies that are based on World War II, Ancient Rome, the medieval period, and some memoirs of famous personalities that changed the world is something that you should watch and learn a lot of things from it.
  • If you want to watch a movie with your family choose something that has a moral lesson in it- One of the best ways to bond with your family and kids is to watch movies, however, you should be careful in selecting movies that are kid-friendly and not R-rated films. Make sure that it is both entertaining, light-hearted, and most of all it has a moral lesson to teach the viewers of it regardless of your source.