How to Decide On the Best LinkedIn Lead Management Tool


Finding leads in LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to gather leads and promote successfully. Businesses use LinkedIn to reach out to potential employees and hire the right people for the position. It can also be used to connect to other businesses, create partnerships, collaborate, and build lasting business partnerships. In short, you can grow your business provided you make use of the right processes with the best tools.

Lead management and campaign promotion programs are available so you don’t do everything manually. Since there are various options for this, one must choose a program that will provide everything needed and more.

 Efficient lead generation and verification

A huge part of tracing and following leads is finding emails. If you wish to find emails on Linkedin or on any other area, you must have an efficient tool. Manual searches can work but it’s too time-consuming. The program should also have the verification feature to help ensure that the emails you list are still active and are being used.

Convenient and comprehensive features

Tools are often used because manually finding emails and reaching out to every single one of them takes time. There are other things you can accomplish with your time. And you can finish a huge part of the campaign because of this. It’s also imperative to have platform that helps you manage all the facets of the campaign for convenience and consistency.


 Trusted by experts and industry players

How do you know a specific program has good reputation among the top industry players? Testimonials. Simple words and a common feedback from other users give a huge glimpse of how satisfied or dissatisfied they were of each tool. Aside from other’s general feedback, in-depth analysis and review of each program are good sources for information. If they trust a specific brand, then it’s highly likely to be a worthy choice.

 No cap or limit on feature use

It’s common to have limits on how many emails you’re able to ‘prospect’ or find. There are even programs that limits the number of emails you send on a specific duration, say a month or a week. This is the norm. But this also limits your promotion abilities. And you are forced to slow down your promotion schedule to match your tools. A program that doesn’t have any limit for its features and services is an ideal option.

 There are different options for programs and tools. Some can be used in platforms other than LinkedIn. Make sure you feel comfortable using the program since it’s one crucial factor to the success of any marketing campaign. Persevere through the trial and error phase so you can compare the tools you’ve tried out easily and objectively.