Introduction to Ecological Surveys and Its Importance

ecological surveys

The ecological survey offers the snapshot outline view on what the area was at a time of surveying. Purpose of ecological surveys given here is 2 fold:

  • Observe how every section has actually changed from a year to next.
  • Document the main differences between vegetation of managed sections of a project site.

All these changes can be brought as the direct result of management regimes getting used on a project site, and by environmental conditions that are prevalent over preceding years. In an initial stage of restoration experiment when the plants first started to colonize newly bare site, most important factor that influence the vegetation development was process of the natural succession.

What to know about the Eco Surveys?

The ecological surveys are often requested as a part of Planning Application procedure for the development & changes in the land use. They’re needed to show that site is assessed for presence of the protected wildlife.

There are companies that are experienced in different kinds or scales of the developments, from large complex developments and small domestic ones. They will provide the complete range of the ecological & protected surveys for different species groups.

ecological surveys

What will happen next?

It is very important to know what kind of ecological survey that you need. This can be stated on the Planning Application and if not, do not worry, you can discuss with the company and they will advise you on different kinds of survey you require!

Benefits of the Ecological Survey

Identifying the ecological constraints quite early in a development planning procedure will help to avoid any costly delays as well as potential complications more down the line. The early recognition of the ecological enhancement opportunities will pay the dividends in case they align with the wider biodiversity policies as well as goals.

Who do you undertake surveys?

The ecological surveys must be undertaken by rightly experienced as well as competent consultant ecologists. Also, they must hold relevant species licence (applicable) suitable to a survey getting undertaken. The surveyors must meet competencies that are set by Chartered Institute of the Ecology & Environmental Management.