Make Using Art To Heal The Wounds

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Healing of any disease takes the long time. Patients have to undergo long and traumatic experience if they are suffering from life threatening diseases. Medicines will help them to overcome the disease but the healing of the affected minds and souls is also important. If you have confidence and peace of mind then you can overcome any life threatening diseases. We do concerts and programs in the hospitals and health care facilities just to ensure the people have peace of mind and by doing this they will be able to respond to the treatment better than ever.

We depend on public donation

We perform in all the health care centers across the city as well as in the public places which are owned by our partners.  We do provide concert for the patients who can’t move away from their bed and we take immense pleasure in doing that. From time to time we send out request for donations from the public. We do accept Donate piano nyc for our troupe. As a company which is involved in providing the happiness to the affected souls, we need the support from the public to keep us going.Donate piano nyc

Apart from the concerts we do also art works and workshops. Some of the workshops will be interactive in nature, where we encourage the participants to involve in painting and coloring. Some of the examples of workshops we do are mask making, group song writing, and musically responsive painting exercises. These kinds of activities will keep the affected souls going as they will feel the part of the society and won’t feel left out from the rest of the people.

We do accept the request from the people to join our team as long as they follow the principle of ours. Though we mainly cater to New York City, from time to time we do concerts across the country and sometimes in specific countries also based on the invite we get from the various partners and sometimes from the healthcare institutes. You can find more information about us from our website. Please do have a look in it.