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Proper waterproofing is the solution to moisture problems in buildings, since moisture is not only responsible for the degradation of facades, roofs or structural elements, but also, to cause aesthetic and health problems due to mold. stucco contractor columbus.

It is also important to mention that damages can be expensive to repair if they are allowed to advance, they can even compromise the state of the building.

Adequate waterproofing is achieved by understanding factors such as climate and its effect during the life cycle of buildings. That is why you must choose designs and materials suitable to counteract the impact of the environment.

To begin we must understand that humidity is not always caused by rain. These are some types of humidity:

Moisture of work:

Appears because of the water that was used during the construction in combination with the type of climate, this mixture can make it take more time to dry. If the drying time is not enough, moisture is retained in the materials.

Environmental humidity

It depends on the environmental conditions of the place where the construction is located, but it can be avoided if it is built with the correct materials. For example, the humidity conditions are not the same for a house on the coast as for a house in a dry area.

Accidental humidity

Occurs when a water pipe breaks and causes the passage of liquid between the walls.

Moisture by filtrationstucco contractor columbus

It is the most common and is generated when there is a bad waterproofing or by the use of defective or worn materials. Another aspect to consider is the movements of the structure, which can cause an unsustainable effort for the systems where the waterproofing is located, affecting them. This point must be considered from the conception of the work.

Likewise, the nature of the concrete must be taken into account, which is usually a porous material if it is not mixed properly. Other elements that can affect are trapped air, pores and even honeycombs.

The humidity by filtration and by accident, are the ones that cause the most damage at a higher speed in a house that previously had no problems. Accidents cannot be prevented, but a good waterproofing must be done before the damage occurs, or act immediately once they occur. Although to know the damage of the humidity it is enough to see the wear of the walls with the naked eye, you also have to observe other signs such as the fall of paint on the ceiling and walls, dark spots and the appearance of mold, which is a red focus to attend so as not to cause damage to the health of the inhabitants of the property.